You'll have to bear with me...

I'll level with you, I was born in 1976. When I started working we used to fax work, I sat at a dumb terminal (google it) and stared at a black & green screen. I missed being a child of fluent tech by a few years & to be honest I've never really learnt that language.  I am dreadful with anything that has a plug attached to it, or a charger, or a password connected to it. I started a blog a few years ago, and lots of lovely, patient people followed it- then I did something silly with its coding & it got lost in the huge web. So here I am, starting anew. 

The good news is I have lots of new recipes and delicious plants to tell you about and a new blog posting place to put them all  but I need you to follow me now - if I post stuff you'll know I a) have remembered my password, b) can lay my hands on a non broken charger c) haven't broken the internet. again. 

(Please note: The quality of my technological understanding bears no relation to the quality of my wild cocktails.)