Signed copy of Forage; Plants to Gather, Cook and Eat Book

Signed copy of Forage; Plants to Gather, Cook and Eat Book

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Forage is a beautifully illustrated hard back guide to 50 edible plants you can find in most temperate regions of the world. I don't just love the flavour of wild food, I also love the history of the plants travels, use and role in forming how we live and eat today and I wrote Forage to give a glimpse into the remarkable stories of our hidden food, along side recipes how to turn your finds into delicious food for the table. 

Forage includes some of the easiest to identify, most abundant plants you can find  -  these plants are the amongst most sustainable plants we can eat, packed full of nutrients, and growing without any need to plough, fertilise or add chemicals to the soil. You might be surprised how many of the 50 plants are within feet of your right now. 


Forage is delivered in a gift boxed wrapped in tissue with a packet of something I've gathered as a thank you to start your wild larder. 


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