Foraging Day at Nantybedd Gardens 2nd July


It's the height of summer & as the heat rises, flavours cool - now is the time for roses, honeysuckle, wild basil, wild strawberries and meadowsweet; sweet, sweet treats to cool the weariest of brows. 

Join us at the beautiful Nantybedd Forest Garden; home to the green & wild fingered Sue & Ian Mabberly, they've created an oasis in the middle of a deep wooded valley; it's one of our favorite, most magical places to forage & if you join us on the 2nd July, you'll see why. 

We'll be based around the gardens but you'll need sensible shoes as this is no ordinary garden...

Times: 10am - 2-pm

(meeting at 10 for tea & wild cake - we'll spend the morning foraging & learning about key spring flavours & how to safely identify them. In the afternoon, we'll make lunch & wild cocktails with our finds & learn how to turn the wild into the most addicted of food. 

location: Nantybedd Gardens, Forest CoalPit, NP7 7LY