Elderflower & Fennel Salt


Hidden in the perfume of elderflower lies smoky, savoury flavours. In the summer we love stuffing trout with fennel fronds & elderflower heads & we've created this little jar to celebrate elderflowers less sweet side.

Pollen laden flowers are blended with sweet fennel seeds & fat flakes of Halon Mon Welsh sea salt to create a taste sensation. What does it taste like? First you taste the salt, then fennel, lastly the delicious elderflower which lingers like a long summers day - perfect to cut through fatty meats & oily fish. Rub our magical concoction into pork skin to make the most incredible flavoured crackling or for a less meaty treatment try sprinkling a spoonful into savoury biscuits or into caramel for the ultimate wild salted caramel treat. (Our friend Ian cures trout in his - we think that's a very clever thing to do.)


4oz jar