Elderberry, elderflower, rose & honeysuckle syrup


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This is the kind of spoonful Mary Poppins would approve of - immune boosting, viral fighting elderberries, elderflowers and honeysuckle with a smattering of roses, and fruity Ribes (Flowering Currant) flowers - used in flower essences to give courage, all foraged from within 5 minutes of our house last summer have been turned into a lip smacking syrup to bring joy on the gloomiest days.This is made with the young and young at heart in mind & comes fully endorsed by my rather fussy children. Drizzle onto pancakes, yoghurt, or stir into sparkling water, or if you’ve come of age, gin or sparkling wine. Keep well & stay safe. 


other ingredients: organic unrefined sugar (60%) citric acid, organic lemon.