Picking for Pocket Money

Over the years we've had a very diverse work force, the youngest of our staff was 2, sticking top labels on bottles, cracking nuts with a stone & gathering up windfalls for pectin.
We'run a local 'picking for pocket money' scheme since we started and childen in the local area have gathered everything from rosehips (sound familiar?) & sloes to wild garlic buds, and rose petals. It's a bit of a win-win - children learn that there is a value to what's around them; that nature is relevant, tasty & profitable -  when there is a value to something people tend to look after it a bit more.
So we purposely recruit young people - the future custodians of the land, teach them what they can gather and how to safely do it & then they spend their weekends gathering from nature, being in nature, being part of nature; oh, and earning pocket money.
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